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We are waterproofing and painting contractors operating in Pretoria, Centurion and Midrand.
We always maintain a clean and professional work environment and strive to meet all of our client’s needs. 

What we do:

Roof repairs:
  • Commercial roof repairs.
  • Concrete roof repairs.
  • Metal roof repairs.
  • Tiled roof repairs.
  • Flat roof repairs.
  • Acrylic systems.
  • Heat insulation coatings.

Thermal roof painting:

Our thermal roof paint system are the solution for extreme heat conditions to help lowering temperatures by up to 45% in buildings without any insulation.


  • Saves electricity.
  • Lower temperature in buildings.
  • Cost effective.

Steel roof repairs:

Step 1

  • Clean roof with a high pressure cleaner.
  • Remove old waterproofing and flaking paint.
Step 2
  • Waterproof all flashing, overlaps, roof bolts and ridges.

Step 3

  • Spray paint roof with rust primer.
  • Spray paint roof with acrylic roof paint.

Tile roof repairs:

Step 1

  • Cut valleys and secure tiles.
  • Replace all cracked and broken tiles.


Step 2

  • Repair roof ridges with latex cement.

Step 3
  • Waterproof roof ridges.
  • Paint ridges to match with the roof tiles.


Promac Paints:

Abe Construction Chemicals:

Darachem South Africa: